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LUCKY-PIP® Pre-Insulated Pipe

An environmental freindly material widely used in government and commercial projects. The product consists of a carrier pipe, insulation and outer jacket. The carrier pipe and outer jacket are available in a variety of sizes and materials, as well as different insulation thickness.

Benefits of using PIP System

  • High Insulation Efficiency
  • Improve the thermal insulation system quality by factory fabrication and foaming
  • Robust and durable - not easy to be damaged
  • Ultimate Capour Barrier - Vapour penetration problem free
  • Eliminate pipe suypport cold bridge by supporting the pipe direct on hanger and brackets
  • Weather Resistance - No special coating is required
  • 2 hours fire safety resistance
  • Imrpove site management by save storage space and cut down wastage at site
  • Cut down labour on site for insulation material installation
  • Single action for complete installation - Fast and easy to install
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